Do we wear the clothes we should, or the ones we want to?

Hello! My name is Chloe and this is my new and improved blog called ‘The Broke Fashion Blogger’, featuring a lot of different things to do with fashion and beauty all while on a tight ass budget. I decided to start this blog because as much as I bloody love scrolling through the gorgeous Instagram feeds of beautiful designs, watching the expensive shopping haul videos and pining over a pair of Gucci boots that would totally complete my life, they are all sadly out of my budget. Don’t get me wrong I love everything about the finer details in life (a bottle of $50 red really does taste better then the $10 one) but not all of us fashion addicts can afford these fabulous things. So I decided I needed to go into fashion rehab and remind myself that style isn’t about owning all the latest designer labels (if you can afford it bloody own that you fab thing) but finding things in places that I can achieve the same look just within my means. So this is a place that I am going to totally open myself up and explore different styles and trends and put together looks that I have found inspiration from those amazing high end bloggers, just at more of a price that won’t see me eating baked beans for the next month. So welcome to new blog and although it’s different to my last blog ( I am excited to see where this goes and if this inspires anyone. In the meantime I would love feedback and any ideas and if you want to be kept updated on what looks I’m going to put together then follow this blog!

Now off to google if Net-A-Porter has after pay



The Broke Fashion Blogger

Image from @mbfwrussia

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