Sunday brunch 

Choosing a Sunday brunch outfit is nearly as hard as choosing what to have on the menu (I opted for a delish mushroom dish). Do you go casual, but sort of dressy, but not to much cause it’s Sunday, likes it’s a lot. Today I chose a classic black jean, which I think we can all agree denim never lets a girl down, a denim shirt (that I stole from my sister, soz not soz) and black ankle boots. I went for more of a casual look because I have a lot of errands to run today and wanted to be comfortable! I’m loving my casual backpack at the moment it fits sooo much in and is super easy when, if your like me, you are constantly rushing and sometimes just need to throw your handbag over your shoulder and run to catch the bus. All in all my outfit cost under $100 bucks, and everything I’m wearing can be worn a million different ways with a million different things, sometimes all you need in your wardrobe is a few stand out pieces and a lot of basics to make sure your outfits always stay on trend.

Jeans, shoes and bag from H&M, top from Forever 21/ my sisters wardrobe and brunch at West Juliette Cafe, Marrickville NSW 2204.


The Broke Fashion Blogger

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