Nothing is off limits this season

My absolute favourite thing about fashion week is the street style snaps. They build a whole new kind of inspiration for me that I don’t see anywhere else, I mean the people go all out, its fashion week after all! Models, bloggers, influencers and anyone who’s anyone in the industry, take the best new designs from the designers and make it into their own unique brand of style where no two looks are the same. On the eve of Sydney’s
time to shine for Merceds-Benz Fashion Week, I wanted to look through the street style from my favourite fashion week designations from around the world,  Paris and New York obviously, but this year one country really stood out for me and is completely making it’s own statement on fashion and street style and that was Russia. Looking through all these pictures, one thing I kept thinking over and over was this is the year personal style, is so much more relevant, and not at all about following ‘trends’. In a time where politics is becoming more and more important to understand, fashion is becoming more of a way to express our own views and the way we see things and believing in what we think is in important. I noticed that the rules to this years style is there literally is none, it’s about what YOU think. If you’re afraid it’s a bit to crazy, it’s not. Think you look over the top? you don’t. Think you look to simple? You don’t. Think theres WAY to much texture and prints going on you may need to tone it down? You don’t, you own it. Personal style has never played a bigger part in the fashion industry then it is right now. Own every look you put together and have no regrets, because in a time where the world is changing so much and where there is so much hate, now is the time to truly own your voice and style and wear whatever you damn well please.


Bring on Sydney Fashion Week!!!

love, xx








Pictures from Harpers Bazaar, Vouge and

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