Top 5 Must Haves this season

One week into my favourite season and it is definitely starting to feel like winter. People always think I’m so crazy when I tell them I love winter, but nothing makes me happy like wearing a fabulous new coat, feeling the cool air on my face, red wine in hand, because I’ve heard red wine warms you up and I needed an excuse to drink more of it. I just love everything about winter, especially the fashion. So here I have picked my top five must haves to make sure you survive winter in style! (oh and you know keep warm to I guess.)

  1. Leather Jacket

Ok the leather jacket isn’t just for winter but that’s what makes it even more of a must have! You can wear it all year round! The thing is there are SOOO many different types of leather jackets, how do you choose! I like to always look for detail on the arms, whether they are pleated around the sleeves, or shoulder detail, I think it makes it look more feminine and not as harsh as a classic biker style jacket., but if thats you style then go for it! I also look for one that has zip details but not like over kill, just two on the sides or some on the panels but nothing crazy. And lastly the fit. This is up to you how you like it to fit, but I like mine to be a loose  fit, not oversized but also not tight, that way you are able to layer with a knit but also can wear with a tee. Whether you like real leather or faux it is important to make sure you are paying for what you are getting and really there are so many fabulous faux leather jackets to choose from that look so real anyway. I brought mine for $70 and I literally wear it nearly every second day,  such an investment!


Some great sites for Leather Jackets:




2. Quirky Coat

Everyone loves a huge oversized coat for winter, but I’m loving the quirky ones that are coming through. Whether you pair a printed coat with your all black outfit or if you mix your prints together, a quirky coat is just such a statement! However you also can’t go by the classic coat in black, grey or beige. These are forever pieces, the quirky coat is definitely something that you can keep bringing back if styled correctly but if you aren’t all that confident in your style or just hate colour, then definitely go for a more classic style. I’m loving the longer coats, the ones that go just to the knees, even a bit after. I just think they look fabulous with sneakers or some heels to turn it into a night look.




3. Mid Length Pleated Skirts

These are my FAV! I love the look of them, the way they sit and the way you can literally wear them with anything to change the look but it all works! There are so many colour’s and styles you can choose from at so many different price ranges so how do you know which one to choose? I like to go for one that sits mid calf and that is a more dense material for winter, the more sheer fabric would be fabulous for summer drinks. They can be worn with a denim jacket, a leather jacket, turtlenecks, blouses and crop tops, I have also as the weather has cooled down being pairing mine with some black 100 denier stocking’s with some ankle boots.



The Iconic


4. Ankle Boots

If there’s one thing you buy this winter, it must be this! I LOVE ankle boots, I wear them all year round, they go with cropped jeans, skirts, leggings (if you dare), shorts and literally anything else you wear on your bottom half. If I’m wearing cropped jeans I like to pair them with ankle boots that are just under the ankle bone. They are a bit shorter then regular ankle boots, but if you are lacking fabulous model height like me, these ankle boots elongate the leg by having some of the ankle exposed. With skirts I would look at the length of the hem line before you decide what height boots you should wear, anything below mid calf I would choose a lower height in the boot, anything above mid calf go crazy.



Wanted Shoes

5. Turtlenecks

I know I know, WHY! But turtlenecks are back and in full force, they are on oversized knits, tops, jumpers and nearly everything else. I brought a turtleneck long sleeved black top a couple of months ago and it stayed in my cupboard until lately. I haven’t been able to take it off it goes with so much, looks chic and can be worn with lots of different looks. Under a hoodie, under a sweater, with a jacket or by itself, a chic turtleneck can really pull an outfit together and have that effortless look. You can really make a statement with some of the styles with beautiful sleeve detail or a more relaxed look with an oversized slouchy style.




Hope this helps you keep warm and stylish for winter!



All pictures from Pinterest 

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