How To Live A Big Life On A Small Budget

Hey guys!

Once upon a time I was living a pretty good life, not really having to worry about if I can pay a bill or if I can go out for dinners, but now times have changed. I’ve recently moved to Sydney, which I’m pretty sure everyone know’s is expensive, and I’m paying my way to get my Diploma of Business in Fashion. Although sometimes it can be very hard, I always look at the bigger picture and remember why I’m doing this and know this hard part isn’t forever, just a little detour. I am also very grateful for this bumpy road, it’s made me explore new thing’s I never would have done and made me much more grateful and humble for what I have. So I’ve got my top 5 hacks that are all both worth that gram shot we all love (let’s be honest) and to also stick to your budget. And if your finding yourself getting down because of money, look up, be proud of what you’ve achieved and yet to achieve, and work hard so you can play harder.


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  1. Cheap Wine is GOD

This has to be my most important findings ever. This is ridiculous but my favourite wine used to cost $25, (I know who did I think I was) but now I have had to cut down. BUT there is a silver lining, this way you have an excuse to taste test different types of cheap wine until you find the one. I drink red wine and there are literally sooo many cheaper options, my regular bottle shop that I walk past every day (to be honest it’s on the way to the train station so it’s not my fault) has some great deals. Also if you have a splurge and decide to go out for dinner, make sure you buy a bottle and split it with your friend if they are also drinking the same wine, it saves so much and is so much cheaper the by the glass.


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2. Start To Find Things to do for Free

This has saved me from going insane staying at home. There are some really amazing things that your community puts on that are totally free! By checking out different local Facebook pages, Instagram’s or you know the old black and white paper, you can find so much that is happening in your area and give you something different to do. I also found that searching for hikes and walks not only gets you out of the house but means you don’t need to apply for a gym membership, yay WIN!


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3. Check Out The Local Markets

I have recently started finding some bargains at local saturday markets around the city, my favourite being Glebe Markets. You can find some amazing finds cheap things at your local market, I recently brought a leather belt for $1 (WHAT) and a original 70’s Levi denim Jacket for $40, thanks to my bartering skills. These markets have definitely saved my love for fashion being on a budget, there’s always so many options to choose from. Markets are also a great way to sell your clothes as well to make a little extra cash, just jump on their website, grab a friend and set up a stall for the day, win win!


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4. Online Grocery Shopping

I know this isn’t a new thing but I’ve always been hesitant to shop groceries online for some reason like I just really like going through the isles looking around, probably the reason my bill is always so expensive! Shopping online you are able to look to see what you already have in your cupboard so you don’t over spend, you are also able to see the total as you add each item so if it’s becoming a bit expensive you can take things out, a much better solution to avoiding eye contact with the lady at the self serve who has to approve your removed items. Another way to save some money on groceries is to check your markets for local produce being sold by local farmers. There are some great deals on veggies and fruit and you can usually save a bunch of money compared to buying at a supermarket. But make sure once you have brought all your food that you actually use it ALL! I challenged myself to know buy any groceries for 2 weeks so that I used literally everything I had brough, right down to the random can of ‘Four Beans Mix’ I decided to buy on a whim to be healthier and I had to come up with some crazy recipes but I did it, it’s a good way to challenged yourself and not waste your money.


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5. Let Your Friends Know About Your Finanicial Limit

At some point you have to drag yourself off the couch, stop feeling sorry for yourself and just catch up with some friends and have a laugh. Letting your friend’s know that your a bit skint this week, I always find helpful becasue then you don’t feel bad the whole night trying to keep up with them but deep down dying becasue there goes your weeks worth of food budget.  There are so many places in Sydney that offer some amazing specials, it’s just about doing your research and not being to picky.  Byo resutrants are a great way to save becasue you don’t need to pay for the overpriced bottle and have more money for the meal, also sharing appertizers and starter’s with friends while out is another good tip. Just be open with your friends if they ask you out for drink’s because chances are they are feeling a bit stretched aswell, and would also love to just catch up at your place for a wine or a walk along the coast.



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