My top 5 fav podcasts 

We all have a daily commute to get to work, whether it’s an hour or fifteen minutes but I think we can all agree it’s boring. The most popular way to pass the time is listening to music and scrolling through your feeds, but sometimes that can be a bit mundane and you crave some mind stimulation, that’s where the podcast come in. I love listening to podcast’s and always get excited when I find a new one I become so addictive to I wish my train was an extra half an hour long. So I’ve decided to share my top 5 podcasts so that you to can embarrass yourself when you laugh out loud or become envolved  with solving a crime that you miss your stop (me weekly).

     1.FASHION NO FILTER By Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley 

Every fashion gal and guy needs to be listening to this podcast. It’s the stories of two fashion journalists and bffs, and their unique behind the scenes look at how the fashion industry operates. They take you to Paris Fashion week, interview models, get an insight into the obsession with street style with Scott Schuman and discuss Instagram and what they think about men on Instagram. They are funny and charming and when I listen to them I get so excited and fall more in love with the industry and always leave me wanting more.

Fashion No Filter
     2. NO FILTER With Mia Freedman

This is my go to when I want to listen something entertaining. Mia has some great debates and deep conversations with everyone she interviews. From the Prime Minister to mediums and authors, she leaves no stone unturned and asks all this questions you want to know about. Personally my favourite interview she has on her podcast is with Roxy Jacenko, it was very well done and the questions were fantastic and I just wanted it to never end.

No Filter
     3. S-TOWN With Brian Reed

Oh my god, this podcast will do crazy things to your mind, like say goodbye to everyone for the next week cause you won’t leave this podcast. It’s about a journalist who gets a call from a man John who asks Brian to investigate the son of a wealthy family who has been bragging about murdering someone, but what Brian uncovers is much more then this one case and is the begging of an uncovering of many mysteries. I remember listening to it when I was grocery shopping and yelling “WHAT” in the middle of the pasta isle, you just get completely invested in this podcast. Warning it will leave you thinking about it days after you’ve finished it.

     4. TRACE by ABC Radio National 

This podcast is about an unsolved murder from 1980 in suburban Melbourne and will definitely make you want to miss your stop. The way the ABC has produced this is like a thrilling movie, the music and the reporting is done so well you don’t want to stop listening. The interviews with the detectives involved and the sons gives your an insight into what happened but also leaves you asking why hasn’t this been solved! There are many twists and some confronting discussions, but I was left hoping there is a series two.

     5. Hey Girl By Alex Elle

This podcast unites the ideas and opinions of women near and far. Alex sits down with women she admires and talks about life lessons we all experience. From breakups, mental health and how to build a business, though the guest advice and own stories you will finish each episode feeling like you can hold your head a little higher take on the world!

Hey Girl
I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Leave a comment on what your favourite podcast is! 

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