90’s Nostalgia isn’t going anywhere

Aw the 90’s, a decade where the Internet was invented, Rap and Hip Hop took over the music scene and American sitcoms like Friends and Seinfeld made being a single adult in the city the new normal. The 90’s reboot has been around the last few years with the choker coming back into fashion in 2015, but in the last year the silhouettes most popular in the 90’s such as oversized jackets, gothic slip dresses, crop tops and high waisted jeans making a come back, we see no sign of this nostalgia slowing down. And although somethings should totally stay in their own decade (the fanny pack I’m looking at you) this 90’s flashback is here to stay for Summer ’17 and has no plans to slow down.

Here are a top ten 90’s inspired trends from then to now.


  1. Bike pants 


2. Gothic Slip Dress


3. Coloured lens glasses


4. Double Denim


5. Camo Print


6. Crop Tops


7. Metallic Bottoms


8. Puffer Jackets


9. High waisted jeans

10. Overalls


Leave a comment below on what your favourite 90’s trend that has made it’s way back into your wardrobe?

all images via Pinterest, they all hate us, stylish wife, Cindy.com, popsugar, who what wear,  vogue.uk/fr, guita moda








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