Bring your Spring Pre Game 

It’s that weird time of the year where it’s starting to get a bit warmer during the day but also not warm enough to bring out the summer dresses. The wind chill is still there but the sun is also shining, so what do you wear!? My biggest tip would be layer, layer like there’s no tomorrow. If you have a cute short sleeve but it’s cold and your also not sure if it will warm up during the day, have a cardigan under your coat so you can take off that later during the day. Another good way to slowly bring your winter wardrobe ino spring is the use of colour. Look at adding some bright accessories or mixing textures and colours together, for more ideas on that see my older posts. Or if your an all black kinda gal, rock that, you do you boo. 

Sources from the streets are some ideas on how to make sure you get that in between season style just right, with out sacrificing warmth or die of heat exhaustion. 

Image credit steal the look,bloglovin, Pinterest, style stalker, they all hate us,, IMAN, harpers bazaar


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